Pumpkin Curry with Shrimp – A Pictorial

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I recently tried making a new recipe, Thai Yellow Pumpkin and Seafood Curry, having been inspired by reader Ania’s photo to make a seasonal curry. What’s not to love about pumpkins in the fall?

Not having a pumpkin curry recipe myself, I found a Nigella Lawson recipe from Foodnetwork.com, which I loosely followed. I added a few Thai ingredients that I love (coconut cream, kaffir lime leaves and sliced red chile peppers); substituted palm sugar for regular sugar; and used about 20 pieces of tiger shrimp instead of the combination of shrimp and seafood. If I perfect my version, I’ll post shortly….hopefully while pumpkins are still in stock at grocery stores!

But here’s a pictorial play-by-play, starting with the chopping of the pumpkins…


I couldn’t find the nice big Jack-o’-lantern pumpkins in the stores yet (this was early October) so I used two of the smaller varieties, which worked just fine. It took awhile to scoop all the seeds out, and trim the skin off — a similar process to how you might serve breakfast cantaloupe. Next, it was time to cut the pumpkin into bite-sized chunks…

cubed pumpkin

After chopping up the pumpkin, I turned to the lemongrass. Ever wonder what to do with those long stalks of lemongrass? Just take off the outer leaves — not too much — and then discard everything but the lower third of the stalk, which is the tender bulb. In some recipes, you might start slicing the bulb diagonally…but for this meal, Nigella instructed me to bruise the bulbs with the flat of a knife. I chose to bang it with my pestle, something we were taught in Thai cooking school.

tiger shrimp

Next it was time to shell and devein the tiger shrimp, purchased earlier that day at a fish stall on Canal Street in Chinatown. Look at how pretty and blue!

pumpkin curry in wok

Finally! Time to combine all these ingredients in a hot wok. First I “cracked” the coconut cream, stirring constantly until the milk separated from the oil and it glistened. Then I added my homemade red curry paste, letting it sizzle. Next, it was time for coconut milk, fish stock, fish sauce, palm sugar, turmeric, shredded kaffir lime leaves and bruised lemongrass — brought to a boil. Then I mixed in the pumpkin, cooking until tender (Nigella recommends keeping a bite on it), and then added the shrimp. Once that was cooked, I stirred in bok choy, red chiles and lime juice…

pumpkin curry with shrimp

Lastly, it was time to take off the heat, serve over jasmine rice and pose for a photo. :) And of course, it was also time to pour a glass of white wine. Many thanks to the dining companion for taking the pictures. Try this at home…yum!

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  1. jo(e) Says:

    I love seeing the photos of this. That’s the smallest pumpkin I’ve ever seen. And I have to say, that uncooked tiger shrimp do not look edible to me.

    But the final product looks quite tasty.

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