Orange & Ginger Chicken

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This really isn’t a curry, but I’m out of my homemade curry pastes…so I recently turned to an old favorite,, to find an Asian-inspired ginger chicken dish that looked easy to make.

I stumbled upon this Orange & Ginger Chicken recipe, which looked intriguing. It called for a number of delicious ingredients: freshly squeezed orange juice, dry mustard, brown sugar, fresh ginger and green onion, all of which I could easily find at my neighborhood Citarella. Why, how yummy.

The finished product was indeed lip-smacking, but not quite a winner.  I substituted palm sugar for brown sugar, and added chili peppers for heat, but still….the sauce (made primarily out of OJ) was just too sweet. The beauty of Epicurious, of course, is that fellow cooks leave all sorts of comments. One has suggested making the recipe with just one cup of OJ, and adding 1 tbsp of oyster sauce and 3 tbsp of soy sauce, which sounds like an excellent idea. I’ll try that next time.

Once I’ve perfected my own version of the recipe, I’ll post. This one needs some work. Still, it’s awfully colorful, and the orange zest makes it special. Here’s another photo, below.

I also added some shiitake mushrooms, which I recommend.   


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