A Substitute for Dry Mustard

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AnĀ Orange and Ginger Chicken recipe that I recently tried called for “dry mustard,” which I didn’t have on hand and couldn’t easily locate at my neighborhood grocery store.

But I knew I had black mustard seeds in my kitchen cupboard, which I’ve used for countless Indian curries. Hmm. I was pretty sure that dry mustard is usually yellow in color. How on earth could black mustard seeds turn into something yellow?

Well, who knew! As I started to pound the black mustard seeds in my mortar and pestle, this is what happened (see above photo). Turns out they’re black on the outside, but a sunny yellow in the inside. I’m sure that’s a metaphor for something. Regardless, my problem was solved.


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  1. jo(e) Says:

    Oh, that’s cool. I’ve used just regular “wet” mustard sometimes in a recipe that calls for dry mustard. (Admittedly, I was making baked beans and not anything fancy.)

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