Swimming in Curry

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Ivan and Bella’s curry.

Today’s photo of the day comes from Ivan and Bella, two creative cooks (and readers) who had asked for an easy and simple curry recipe. I believe they attempted this one, which this blogger had supplied after Ivan himself complained that there were not enough easy and simple recipes on this site. They report that it turned out delicious…very exciting!

One mystery is that the above photo looks…well, nothing like what it’s supposed to look like (see photo below, of my version of same dish). The chefs acknowledged that they had “90% of the ingredients” — unclear what the missing 10% is. But no matter. Bella, a fearless cook, no doubt added a few extras (agave? cacao powder?) and I suspect some carmelizing of onions was performed. It probably came out better than the actual recipe. Cheers to curry experimentation!!!

This is what it’s supposed to look like.


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