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So I normally don’t post identity-revealing photos of people on this blog, but my “date” for a recent curry evening isn’t exactly the shrinking-violet type. (Although he’s not on Facebook, something I put right up there with the great mysteries of the world, like Stonehenge and rooftop water silos.) I was actually trying to take a photo of the dish — pork ribs with green curry — but somehow Rod got in the picture, too. I will consider this a gift to my female readers (ladies, he’s single)…

In any event, on a recent Tuesday evening, we were at Jo’s in Nolita to sample a new development in the curry world…curry bacon (!), which Rod had spotted a few weeks earlier advertised on a sign outside the restaurant. That said, when we ordered “curry bacon!” – the waiter looked perplexed. “Huh,” he said. “Maybe that’s on our brunch menu.” Buzz kill. “But we do have a few curries on tonight’s specials list,” he said. Phew! At least the evening wouldn’t be a total waste, curry-speaking.

So along with our cocktails, we sprang for the spare ribs in a green curry paste — which fortunately were scrumptious. As you can see from the photo (if you are not distracted by Mr. Kurtz) the dish is simple, emphasizing the tender rib with a drizzle of delicious green curry. We ordered a side of rice, which I highly recommend, to soak up every last bit of the sauce. ¬†Yum! While not curry bacon, curry spare ribs were sufficiently exotic….something I’d be challenged to make at home. Rod, excellent choice. You are indeed a “curry spotter.” Keep up the good work!


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