The Highest Compliment: Readers Try My Recipe!

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My version of Easy Indian Chicken Curry, which calls for cauliflower, chick peas and green peas.

Now here’s an honor: Three recent readers tried my Easy Indian Chicken Curry recipe!

What’s funny is that all three (unless I’m mistaken) don’t know each other — and all three live in separate parts of the country (Massachusetts, California and New York). Which helps prove my theory: Curry is a uniter.

What’s also funny is that this “Easy Indian Chicken Curry” recipe isn’t easy, despite the name. As a journalist, I have long known that the headline is everything. If I had named this “Recipe For Which You’ll Need At Least 20 Ingredients, Some Of Them Unusual,” I probably wouldn’t have gotten any takers. So thank you, Igor, Christine and Roe, for sticking it out….and sending me photos of your finished products to boot!

Here we have all three — behold, and be inspired!

igor'scurryIgor’s Curry

Igor is a former colleague from SmartMoney — a magazine that no longer exists, but in its hey-dey employed incredibly talented writers like ourselves. :) Apparently, Igor isn’t just a talented financial journalist but a chef as well! Here is what he said about the dish:

“I’m game to ruin anything once, but your recipe proved Igor-proof as well as delicious…”

Clap, clap, clap – excellent job, Igor!


christine'scurryChristine’s Curry

I have nearly forgotten how I know Christine, who lives in San Francisco — I believe we have a number of mutual friends in common, and she was once a member of my Upper East Side Social Club. One thing I know: Christine is an accomplished chef. Not sure my recipes are worthy of her skills! Her post on Facebook:

“Attempted my curry mentor’s (Colleen DeBaise ) East Indian curry recipe this evening. Tried to make it pretty.”

Indeed….very pretty! Thank you Christine!


roe'scurryRoe’s Curry

Roe and I go way back…she was my book editor and continually inspires envy for her jet-setting, olive-oil-harvesting, ragu-making ways. I knew she was accomplished at Italian food — should have realized her culinary skills would extend to curry! Her comment below:

“Yummmmmmmm! I used boneless thighs stedda breast meat and 28 oz chickpeas stedda 15. Just simmered the thighs for a total 60 mins — last 30 with the cauliflower. Caveat: this makes A LOT of curry. I have 6 pts to freeze! But it’s a keeper.”

As I said to Roe, clearly I (and the hubby) must east giganatic portions, as we don’t have nearly as much leftover. :) Thanks for the lovely photo, Roe!

If you’ve tried one of my recipes, please send a photo to, and I’ll happily pubish on this blog.

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  1. roe Says:

    hey cica! wow, so sweet of you! you have re-inspired me to make this weekend. its the PERFECT autumn dish and so so yummy…..

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