A Brand New Glorious Day

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New growth!

It’s been a long cold winter. Ask any New Yorker. Ask anyone on the East Coast. Ask….well, pretty much anyone, anywhere.

On top of the heavy snowfalls, crippling ice storms and polar vortexes (vorti?), we’ve also had to deal with super-dry conditions inside our homes. My radiator? It’s been on full blast for much of the recent cold months. There is nothing like the comforting “hiss” of a radiator on a cold wintry evening. But that same heat also steals moisture from the air (just ask my skin) — and, as it turns out, really kills my plants pretty quickly.

I’m usually mindful about turning the radiator off when I leave our apartment….but recently, I apparently forgot, a few times in a row. I also simultaneously forgot to water my beloved kaffir lime tree. The result? All the leaves curled up and withered. Even worse, when I moved the plant, the dead leaves fell to the floor, leaving nothing but bare pitiful branches. Disaster!

I watered the dead-looking plant, turned off the radiator and left it for a few days. Could it possibly make a comeback?

The answer: Yes. Lo and behold, I returned home one evening to see the tiny start of new leaves on the bare branches, little green things that bore the promise of life. Within a few days, it looked like the photo at the top of this post. And by last week, the plant was well on its way (see photo directly below). Today, as temperatures hover in the 70s in New York, my kaffir lime tree is sitting on the fire escape, enjoying a new lease on life. Aren’t we all!


My kaffir lime tree and its fresh leaves, enjoying balmy weather in NYC.

Enjoying the fire escape!

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