Camp Curry

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Camp curry

When you’re sparingly packing a few items to bring with you, on a ferry, to a remote island — what should you bring?

A curry, of course!

Ahead of a recent camping trip to Fire Island with a group of eight, I made my Easy Indian Chicken Curry (who doesn’t like a hot spicy meal, while in the wild?) and poured it into a disposable aluminum pan. It turned out — the pan was a stroke of genius. When we reached the island, we were easily able to heat up the curry at the campsite by starting a fire in a grill, and setting the entire pan on top of the grill. Perfect! Thanks to a quick-witted pal named Carolyn, we also had pre-made heat-and-serve rice (which she buys at Target – see here.)

Because we all brought our appetites, we had this meal paired with some delicious steaks and red wine….a nice way to rough it.

Below, the tarp where we set up our picnic tables and devoured our meals. 

Camp Curry

2 Responses to “Camp Curry”

  1. jo(e) Says:

    That elegant tarp just classes up the whole campsite. The right atmosphere makes everything taste better.

  2. Cracking Curry Says:

    I am so impressed that your read my blog, despite my irregular posts! Thanks….I am thinking of bringing a curry to camp over the Fourth, as it was so easy to heat up. And Frank will bring his special tarp, for sure. Perhaps it should be on your Secret Santa list this Chrismas??? (Just thinking ahead….) :)

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