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So every once and a while at CrackingCurry.com, we open the mailbag and share the copious letters, photos, rave reviews, etc that loyal followers (besides my mom) have sent in. OK, so I don’t get THAT many letters — but I am surprised how many people, much to my delight, send me photos of their meals or anything curry-related. Please keep that coming! You can find all my contact info here.

Recently I heard from three gourmands…the first, of course, being someone who is related to me (if nothing else, I can count on the occasional family member to read this blog). My niece Chelsea DeBaise, a journalist living in Chicago who cleverly captured the handle “cdebaise” on Instagram before I thought to do so, is quickly becoming one of the 12 types of millennials known as a “culinary explorer.” And her exploration has led her (and boyfriend Michael) to curries! I am thrilled to hear they work with both a wok and a crock-pot slow cooker. A few weeks ago she texted: “Wednesday is wok night so Michael and I are trying out some cracking curry tonight!” (Note the use of this blog’s name as a common noun…excellent branding, Chelsea!).

Chelsea attempted my “Simple and Easy Thai Curry” recipe, which is a personal favorite in this household. Here is the photo she Instagrammed:


From Chelsea: “We substituted snow peas for bok choy, because, well, I had too much bok choy! We had a bok choy and Napa cabbage stir fry appetizer as well. Thanks Colleen, the curry was fantastic!” Well done, Chelsea (and Michael), well done!

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The next reader I was happy to hear from was Dinah Wisenberg Brin, a talented writer (and former co-worker) who lives in Philadelphia. Interestingly, Dinah appears to have run across a curry-related entree while….out to breakfast! Well, perhaps it was brunch:


Dinah writes to me via Facebook: “Not usually one to post food pics but the curry omelet platter at Cups & Chairs Tea Café deserves a mention. Highly recommended.” So noted, Dinah, and next time I’m in Philly, would love to check it out!

And then most recently, I heard from a sneaker-clad reader named Rod Kurtz, who has walked this blog’s virtual red carpet many a time (see here and here and here), who sent this photo:


Rod reports this is a new restaurant in the East Village, and may or may not be owned by the same folks who own the intriguingly named “Plump Dumpling.” Rod, who among many things is a small-business consultant, also offered a thought for an additional (sole?) revenue stream for Cracking Curry: Apparel! “Maybe CC should get into the t-shirt business!” he said. Hmm. Food for thought, as they say.

Thank you, Chelsea, Dinah and Rod, for the contributions! Will send you a t-shirt if I ever make them!

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