A Night at Pure Thai

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Pure thai

We recently had a delicious dinner at Pure Thai Cookhouse, a restaurant in New York’s Hell’s Kitchen neighborhood that — hallejuah! — has an ambiance to match its cuisine. (Unfortunately, many of the Thai joints on 9th Ave are lacking in the charm department.) We tried the Ratchaburi Crab and Pork Dry Noodles, pictured above, which was a big winner, and also the Wok Curry Paste with Pork (yum), which I had tried on a previous visit several years ago. It was a Saturday night, so we had to wait for a table for a bit — but the meal and the dining experience were well worth the wait. The restaurant is modeled after eateries in Thailand that sell homemade food to go (in fact, our noodles were homemade), and with its chalkboards, tin ceiling, wood paneling, little tables and painted stools, the whole place has an eclectic, home-y feel. — Pure Thai, 766 9th Ave. (between 51st and 52nd Sts.)

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