If I Were Ever to Turn CrackingCurry Into a Business….

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Cracking Curry

….this above photo is what I would sell. It is my Easy & Simple Curry Sauce, made from coconut oil, ginger, garlic, fish sauce, oyster sauce, palm sugar, sambal oelek and coconut milk. I experimented recently by making a batch, putting enough for one meal in this plastic container, and then freezing it. Would it hold up? If I made a meal with it a few weeks later, just plopping the frozen sauce into a wok, then adding protein and veggies, would it taste any good?

Turns out, yes. It froze beautifully, and it made for a VERY easy, simple and delicious meal, when I heated it up in the wok and added shrimp, bell pepper, squash and bok choy, then served over rice.

Will I turn CrackingCurry into a business? Probably not. I’m not convinced there’s a market, nor do I think there would be enough profits in a line of curry sauces to merit the capital investment. Plus, because I wouldn’t use preservatives, it would have to be sold in the refrigerated or frozen section — foods that can sit in a jar on a shelf, I’m sure, would do much better.

So for now, CrackingCurry stays a hobby. But here’s what the general public is missing out on! BeholdĀ the meal I made with my frozen Easy & Simple Curry sauce:

Simple and easy curry

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