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I’m Colleen DeBaise, a New York curry lover of Irish/Italian descent, doing my best to capture the essence of this classic Asian cuisine.

I first fell in love with curry as a college student in London, where my Sri Lankan host mother would whip up delectable dishes loaded with turmeric, cumin and chili peppers. Years later, while covering the courts as a Dow Jones reporter in lower Manhattan, I was lucky enough to have lunch nearly every day in Chinatown. I learned that Vietnamese and Thai curries are just as scrumptious.

When my work took me away from Chinatown, I tried copying these delicious dishes at home — not as easy as it looks! It’s taken me years to come close to “cracking the code” of curry, and I’m still just a student. I’ve taken countless trips to Kalustyan’s (28th and Lexington) and Bangkok Center Grocery (104 Mosco St.), and spent hours poring over my two favorite cookbooks, “Curry Cuisine” and “Modern Thai Food.” I’ve even traveled to the beautiful country of Thailand, to take cooking classes at the Mandarin Oriental’s Thai Cooking School, in an attempt to learn more.  You can read about my experiences in this Wall Street Journal article, “A Woman, a Wok, a Love of Curry.”

On this blog, I’ll share what I’ve learned, in case you want to crack the code of curry, too. It’s been a delicious journey so far, and I’ve got a long ways to go. Enjoy!

P.S. One more thing…I met my husband as a result of this blog! True story. Read about it here: Love & Curry.

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